I’ve believed a lot of things throughout my life. I’ve believed the best about myself…and the absolute worst. I’ve believed in people…in goodness…I’ve believed that everything looked bleak and terrible. I’ve believed in lies and truths…I’ve believed that I was blessed beyond measure…and I’ve believed I was doomed by my own faults and failures. Through all of this there are two beliefs that have stuck with me no matter what:

  • I believe family is the most important thing.
  • And I believe in God as my Father and Creator, and His Son Jesus my Savior.

I can’t tell you how many difficulties and struggles these beliefs have brought me through over the years. I’ve lived a fairly easy and privileged life. Most of my most difficult times have been because of my own shortcomings and headspace rather than circumstances beyond my control. Even so, to me these trials have felt incredibly hard and real. To me the person in the mirror is my harshest critic, the most damning voice, and the cause of a great deal of internal suffering.

Yet…my two core beliefs have been with me through all of the hard times. They have pulled me out of the deepest of mental valleys and kept me from falling time and time again.

And I wanted to share this with you because I felt called…I felt compelled…I felt that an inadequate amount of my space here has shared with you these truths that I believe. With Christmas on the way I felt that now was also a perfect time to share why this season is my favorite and means so much to me.

I love God. I love His Son Jesus who DIED for me…then…conquered death…rising from the grave and saving the world as well as me from my own self, my own sins and failures and promising me a life eternal…why??? Simply…He LOVES me.

He meets me where I am, brokenness and all. He knows I screw up and that I will never be perfect and loves me for who I am. He calls me to live better, to show love and compassion as He has done and to follow his plans for me.

If you believe this as I do I simply want to say this…I love you and care about you and will pray for you! Keep fighting the good fight!

If you don’t believe this I simply want to say this…I love you and care about you and will pray for you! Just as God’s love doesn’t carry strings for me I love you regardless of whether you believe as I do. I hope and pray that you would believe this too, and would love to talk with you about this any time, but want you to know that I respect and love you because you are you regardless of whether your beliefs match my own.

I believe I needed to say this and hope that it brings you some joy, inspiration or hope. But, whether or not it does I want to make sure to share with you the core of who I am and how grateful I am to you for joining me on this journey.

This is fatherhood…