The Adventures of Dad and Isaac

(My son’s words with minimal support as told to me)

After school me and Daddy had an adventure…

We had fun on our adventure! We were adventuring by a little stream in a neighborhood by school. We went by the white pipe at the end of a little stream. We had fun following the stream. We went a long time. It was super-duper fun! We also could see the freeway. In front of the freeway was a fence that I could climb, but I didn’t. And we took pictures of me and Dad…

They were very cool pictures. You’ve probably seen those pictures on the page by now. I found a bunch of crystals. I picked one out for my sister and gave it to her for Christmas. We also saw the stream cut off into two different parts and the fence that I could climb by the freeway was black. Thanks for reading this blog!

Stores From My Son

(Dad speaking now: after picking up my son from school he said he wanted to go on an adventure instead of going straight home. We walked around by a little culvert with a stream. The rule-follower in me was nervous as I wasn’t sure if it was private property, but my son’s bravery rubbed off on me and we set off on an adventure together…while wearing my nice work clothes 🙂 I continued to be amazed and inspired by the courage of my son. He wanted to keep exploring further and further, and each time I got apprehensive, I decided to let him keep leading. We had a great time and saw lots of cool things, and I was proud of my son…and myself…for just going with the flow and enjoying an adventure together.)

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