Hey everyone, I continue to be so grateful to each of you for continuing to follow me on this journey. I have some exciting updates to share with you and appreciate thoughts and feedback. I would also love if you could take a second to fill out the form on my consulting post to let me know if you might be interested in parent coaching and what topics you would like to talk about if you were.

-Check this out…a brand new logo 🙂 I love how this ended up and am really excited to share it with you today. As I continue to add more to my blog and LLC and grow I think this will continue to help my work stand out. Big shoutout to looka.com for giving me some great, affordable options to choose from and for making the process so easy! Make sure to check out the previous iterations below of what This is Fatherhood has looked like as well to see the growth.

-I’m going to be working on some ideas for workshops and potentially Facebook Live sessions as I look to take incremental steps to grow my work, reach more families and share the joy of fatherhood and parenting with all of you. I’m also talking with some people at Boot Camp for New Dads about the options for virtual classes. Please keep on the lookout and let me know if you have any thoughts or feedback.

I hope you and your family are doing as well as you possibly can during this crazy, sad, chaotic and exhausting time. I’ll be praying for you all and hope that you’ll reach out if you could use some support. Take care!

This is fatherhood…