Wow! I continue to be blown away by the opportunity and progress that keeps coming my way as I continue this journey of fatherhood and parenting education. I have had quite a few amazing updates and changes since my last This is Fatherhood update, but probably my favorite of them all is the chance to develop my own curriculum for local Early Learning Hubs. Thanks to Take Root Parenting in Douglas County and the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub I was encouraged to create my own curriculum especially for dads that will be debuting in January 2021 on Facebook Live and Zoom platforms. “Becoming A Super Dad” is my new 1-2 hour workshop supporting dads as they go from having babies to toddlers to school-age children…and eventually hopefully teenagers as well! I’ve pasted the description of the workshop below and am happy to answer any questions you might have at

Becoming a Super Dad doesn’t mean being a perfect dad…it doesn’t mean your kids will be perfect…becoming a Super Dad means that you are showing up each and every day for your children, being consistent, showing them love and respect, respecting and supporting your partner and taking care of yourself.  Join us for this hour-long workshop series as we answer tough questions and celebrate the joys of fatherhood while also sharing each other’s struggles and burdens as we strive to help each other become Super Dads.

Becoming A Super Dad – This Is Fatherhood LLC

As if this wasn’t enough, I was asked to lead a Zoom training on tips and tricks that I could give to other parenting education facilitators on leading their own virtual READY! For Kindergarten sessions. I was honored and humbled as READY! For Kindergarten is one of my favorite curriculums, and for multiple years I have been doing a large percentage of them for my local school district and community, so it was really nice to be talking with and offering advice to a new group of facilitators ready to help expand the work! Here is a calendar with local virtual RFK offerings:

Finally, I was really excited to get the opportunity to become a virtual Boot Camp for New Dads trainer. Boot Camp is my favorite parenting class that I lead and I have gotten the chance to work with some amazing Dads and other like-minded professionals as we provide support and encouragement for new parents. I’ve met some amazing trainers from Denver who gave me a lot of support and tips and even got to lead my own virtual, national Boot Camp a couple weeks ago with guys from all over the country in attendance. If you are a Dad who’s expecting a little one soon, or know someone who is about to be a Dad…please check out our schedule here and sign up. We have a lot of great facilitators and a lot of amazing new Dads out there just like you who are excited to help you start your journey.

Once again I have to thank you all for your support and encouragement as my journey continues to move forward and my opportunities expand and grow. I have asked God to continue to show me His path and provide me with opportunities to continue following my passion, and He has continually reminded me to have patience…and when I do…I see rewards and encouragement.

This is fatherhood…