Free Parenting Workshop!

Hey everyone, I wanted to share a free resource that I participated in and heard about from my friend and colleague Shauna at OPEC. This is a free, 30-minute workshop that I would encourage you to participate in as it has some great strategies and thoughts for helping to support our children’s emotional intelligence while working on our own. I completed it and was reminded of how I can do a better job of responding and reacting to frustrating behavior with yelling, and how negatively that can impact our children, and how it often leads to them reacting in the opposite way of our intended affect. You receive a free toolkit upon completion and can enter for a chance to win a gift card as well. I receive no compensation for promoting this workshop, but am just happy to pass along a resource I participated in and support good people doing good things! Please click on the link below to participate and let me know if you have any questions.

Workshop Link

This is fatherhood…

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