Okay…so I’ve mentioned before my tendency to hyper-focus on things right? And I’ve also mentioned that I’m basically just a really big kid? Okay…so you won’t judge me too much then…right?! Well, I love Pokemon! There…I said it…

Actually I started enjoying Pokémon when it first was coming out back in the 90’s (wow do I sound old…). My best friend and back door neighbor Brian introduced me to it and my little brother was 8 years younger than me so it really hit his age group and I liked doing things with him. I enjoyed playing the video game and watching the show up until the point when it became “not cool” to like Pokemon anymore. Ahh…how I wish I could go back and encourage my younger self not to worry about about what other people thought was “cool”.

Pokemon is awesome! I love the cards…I love Pokemon GO (which by the way, can be very addicting so make sure to set limits for yourself and be safe when you’re playing!) and I love the anime cartoon. If you’re looking for something to get into with your kids…Pokemon is it! And if you want a great place go find the cards you’re looking for from individual sellers make sure to check out this site: TCG Player and order from seller: JinxNamikaze. To finish…here are my top five favorite Pokemon:

  1. Incineroar
  2. Lucario (especially Mega!)
  3. Kyurem (and additional forms!)
  4. Charizard (espeically Mega X!)
  5. Garchomp

This is catching ’em all…

This is fatherhood…