Hey everyone,

I’m really excited to announce that I made my first podcast appearance this month on the CHEC Yourself Podcast through the Community Health Education Center at Salem Health! I’m really grateful to Leah Burkhart for inviting me on and love the conversation we had. Please check it out here: https://checyourself.podbean.com/e/this-is-fatherhood/ or search for CHEC Yourself on your podcast app!

And don’t forget to join me for Fathers Eve this Saturday Night here: https://thisisfatherhood.blog/2021/05/28/fathers-eve/

And my other classes and workshops going on here: https://thisisfatherhood.blog/2021/06/05/workshop-update/

Lots happening right now…it’s an exciting time to be a Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

This is Fatherhood…