I have been blown away. Dads have been sharing, opening up, laughing and and being honest with each other and it has been beautiful. Boot Camp for New Dads is virtual and thriving! I’m even going to start up with the Salem Hospital again soon!

Two nights ago I had my very first presentation of my own self-created workshop Becoming A Super Dad! It was small, but amazing and I will be forever grateful to that group of guys who showed up, encouraged me, and expressed a profound interest and appreciation for what I had to share. Hearing other Dads talk about their struggles and express their desire to be present with and love their kids speaks to my very soul…my core…and inspires me like nothing else does.

I hope that if you are a Dad or about to be a Dad you will reach out and look for my classes and workshops or other classes and workshops like them. It really means a lot and makes a huge difference when you can see other Dads and parents like you, going through the same things you’re going through, struggling along and putting their kids first.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to talk about how you can be a part of Becoming a Super Dad or any other type of workshop or group. We’re all in this together Dads and I am inspired by you!

For more information about Becoming a Super Dad click here!

This is fatherhood…