Our Home Garden

One of the most amazing things about living with our family right now is the fact that they have a terrific front and back yard space and they are even letting us add our own ideas and flavor to their garden. In fact, they really liked my wife’s idea for a vegetable and herb garden and have made a significant investment to help us achieve this. It has been awesome for our kids as my daughter has discovered how much she loves plants and flowers and both my kids are learning how to plant, weed and tend to our garden. We have spinach, lettuce, arugula, carrots, and many different herbs growing, and plan to plant sunflowers, peppers and jalapenos as the weather gets warmer. I love gardens and flowers and so have really been enjoying seeing things bloom and my wife is loving growing her own vegetables and herbs to eat and use for tea and other purposes to enrich our lives. We’ll be sharing updates as we plant more and see more growth, but for now here is a testament to all that work we have been doing to see this garden come to life.

This is growth…

This is fatherhood…

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