I am really excited to announce that today I am taking the next step in my This is Fatherhood and parenting journey by offering 1 on 1, private Parent Coaching for Dads and for all parents and caregivers!

This is Fatherhood Parent Coaching are one hour, private sessions that are available virtually or over the phone. These sessions are completely confidential and are available to any parent or caregiver who would like support, would like to talk about a specific issue or concern, or would simply just like to talk with someone who has gone through and is going through the same issues that they are raising their children.

Coaching topics can range from new baby on the way, difficult behaviors, time management for working dads, connecting or reconnecting with your kids, co-parenting, self-care, depression and anxiety and more.

If you are interested in learning more and signing up for coaching…please click here.

I will also be offering a FREE Coaching Session ($100 value!) to one random lucky participant in my Tuesday, August 3rd Becoming A Super Dad Class. Please click here to register for that and enter yourself in the drawing for a FREE Coaching Session. (Class date and free offer has now passed)

I so appreciate your support and encouragement on this journey and hope that I get to share a coaching session with you soon!

This is parenting together…

This is fatherhood…