Wow…it is really cool to share passions, hobbies and things we enjoy with our kids, isn’t it? This is definitely a topic I have written about before (Mini-Me, Being A Fan, and Sharing Our Passions), but I think there’s a reason I keep coming back to it so often…it’s a lot of fun!

Most recently I got to experience my son really get into the football Rivalry Game between the Beavers and the Ducks. I have always “encouraged” him to be a Beaver Fan even before he could say his first “Gogi!” (baby for ‘Go Beavs!’) and he has watched pieces and parts of the game with me before. But this year was different. This year he wanted to go and get a wooden chainsaw wall decoration (the Beavers use a chainsaw noise to get the fans to “rev up” the noise) and got a brand new Beavers shirt. He even drew his own amazing sign to hold up whenever they scored a touchdown!

The best part about all of this was getting to have fun and be super excited about something with him. I try very hard to encourage him to be his own person and develop his own interests. So when he decides of his own desire to get excited about and enjoy something I love…it’s even more special.

And this day the Beavers didn’t let us down as they made an epic comeback from 21 points down in the Third Quarter to win! Check out some of the pictures below to see our fun from this awesome day as well as a look back on his evolution of fandom over the years. Go Beavs!

This is…fun!

This is fatherhood…