How many of you parents and grandparents out there need gift ideas for your kids this holiday season? Most of you? Ok, I see you…well one thing I always enjoy recommending is good children’s books, and today I want to highly recommend some of my kids’ favorites.

The InvestiGators! is a series of graphic novels for kids by John Patrick Green focused on two talented, undercover spies who just so happen to be…alligators! Their world is silly, funny and often fourth-wall breaking. These books are filled with fun and funny pictures, clever puns and jokes galore. For those of you not a fan of toilet humor these may not be the books for you, but in my opinion these books stay more on the silly and fun side rather than crass and crude. They make my kids and me laugh out loud often throughout the story, and they are surprisingly re-readable as we have gone back and read each of these stories over and over again. They are great for reading-aloud by adults, perfect for kids starting to read on their own, and long enough for older kids who need more of a challenge as well.

There are now six InvestiGators! books (and more on the way) so that if your child (or you!) get into these books you’ve got yourself plenty of new reading material. Check out the links below and if you purchase through these links you’ll be helping to give a small contribution to This is Fatherhood Blog. Happy reading!

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