Winter is coming…no seriously it’s only a couple days away! And if you haven’t noticed this already (though I’m sure you have!)…kids tend to go a little more stir-crazy as the days get shorter and colder and they are stuck inside more often. One recent way my son and I made the best of this? Indoor Angry Birds with balloons and chairs! My kids go through phases of things that they really enjoy and get into, especially my son. During this time he was super into Angry Birds thanks to an old Xbox game that we had with multiple versions of the phone game for our Xbox console. He was playing Angry Birds, we watched the Angry Birds Movies, he was making his own paper versions of the characters and slingshot, and then one day…my daughter was blowing up and making silly faces on balloons and it clicked for him…turn the balloons into Angry Birds! The balloons and faces were no problem (save a few popped ones here and there) but the trick came when it was time to figure out how to launch these birds at their piggy targets. After a few tries and misfires my son came up with a very fun and creative way to launch these birds with rubber bands that you can see below. By the way…the balloons and rubber bands for this came from the Dollar Tree and then we just used the furniture in our house we had available so this can be recreated very easily and cheaply.

I could write many, many more words on this to talk about fun it was, but I thought the rest of this post it would be best to show you through pictures. What are some of the ways that you inspire fun indoor play with your kids?

And finally a short fun video showcasing my kids enjoying the Angry Birds 🙂

This is fatherhood…