Is there anything more sweet and heartwarming than a child choosing to show how much they love and care about someone? Isn’t it even more beautiful when the person their showing love to is their sibling? One of the things I enjoy most about my kids is how much they love each other and the compassion they show for one another. From the day my son found out that there was a baby in his Mom’s tummy he was excited, caring and innately nurturing. He asks her if she wants a goodnight song and then sings to her on many nights and before nap-time. My daughter is a natural caretaker and even though she is three years younger than he is, has already shown an aptitude for caring and worrying about him when he is sick or upset. She even tries to console him during timeouts from time to time…even if he is in timeout for not being nice to her!

Now don’t get me wrong, my kids definitely have their moments of bickering and fighting. They are very different people and have different ideas and personalities. Yet, I continue to be amazed at how despite their differences, they really enjoy being around each other and playing together. My daughter almost didn’t know what to do the first few times her brother went off to preschool this year and frequently asked “Isn’t bubba coming with us?” My son can get annoyed and frustrated when his sister doesn’t play the way that he wants to, but he more often than not wants her to be involved in our play as well and is most of the time very gentle and conscientious when playing with her.

One of the funniest things they do together is a game they call “la la la”. They basically just hug each other while singing “la la la”, fall down to the ground, and roll around while singing and giggling the whole time. I keep waiting for my daughter to complain or get hurt given how much older and bigger my son is, but she is one of the toughest people I’ve ever met and is laughing, singing and saying “again!” every time.

I know that as they get older it may get tougher for them to get along all the time, but for now I am thoroughly enjoying watching this phase of playing, copying and looking out for each other. I’m so glad that they seem to have this natural and deep connection that will hopefully only grow stronger and deeper as they get older and experience the bumps and bruises of life together.

This is fatherhood…