Rainy Day Play

This was originally posted by the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub here.

We definitely enjoyed the run of great weather we had to start the month of May around here…did you?  We played outside in our backyard, went to the park multiple times, went to our local children’s museum and had an awesome experience watching the swallows zoom up, over and around the pedestrian bridge nearby as well.  We also had a fun backyard barbecue with our Grandma Great on Mother’s Day where we learned how far each of us could kick my daughter’s new purple ball! In our house, when the weather gets nice we try to spend a lot more time outside enjoying it. Continue reading



My love of all things Lego has been documented once or twice…but lately I’ve discovered something I enjoy even more: the creativity and imagination they can unlock in my son. My son is like me in many ways, but a major difference I have noticed is his ability to think outside the box. Continue reading

Summer School

This was originally posted by the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub here.

Have you seen the Hub’s most recent newsletter? In this edition a familiar author 😊 mentions the “summer reading slide” and how students can often lose progress they’ve made in reading (and other subjects) over the summer months if they aren’t reading like they did during the school year. Continue reading

Social Network

This post originally was published by the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub here.

One of the things that I’ve realized as a parent is that while there’s a lot of focus on building kids’ academic skills and their ability to read and write, a child’s ability to control their emotions and interact socially with peers is just as important to succeeding in school.  I’ve found that this can be a really tough and scary thing for children.  While some kids very naturally make friends and love being around others, other kids get quite uncomfortable around those they don’t know or are legitimately scared of situations where there are large groups of kids and people.   Continue reading

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my amazing 3 (3? THREE!) year old who loves dinosaurs, reading and family, only wears diapers at night, and makes me feel like the luckiest Daddy every single day! I am so blessed! I love you my son!

Here are some snapshots from an awesome day:

This is fatherhood…