My love of all things Lego has been documented once or twice…but lately I’ve discovered something I enjoy even more: the creativity and imagination they can unlock in my son. My son is like me in many ways, but a major difference I have noticed is his ability to think outside the box. While I enjoy following the instructions and making sets where all the thinking has been done for me, my son delights in taking random pieces and building all sorts of contraptions that his brain can think up. He makes jets, cars, boats and even a “spider hopper” for our Lego superheroes. He makes robots and towers and gadgets. Each time I find myself proud and amazed by what his mind can think up. He’s even inspired me to imagine more myself and try to match his creativity. Even better…we spend more time making special creations together and I get to listen to the cool ideas he has for the things I build. Playing with our kids is a fun, beautiful thing, but learning from and being inspired by our kids is even better.

This is fatherhood…

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